segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2008

Time is on my side...

So... I said I've got a work, but no... I didnt... yet.

I'm waiting for a reply from Elvis(Big Boss) on tuesday...

wish me luck. =]



Besides, I know you're smart
~sometimes I'm totally dumb, just like I was a few moments ago
That was not dumb, darlin, that was hope
~hope is the most stupid thing that we carry with us...

Dont let this thing make you bitter, baby.
Hope keeps everyone alive...and you know that.
~I'm not bitter, I'm just telling you the truth,
~that I always knew,
~and that I tried to forget

We are human... Hope comes naturally to us,
it is not something you can prevent.
~I wont let it drive me blind again and make of me a fool

Well, yes... That you can control...
but then... Love is a very infectitious disease...
~I can also supress this one
~There's nothing that can stop me

The art of self destruction
is that what you're trying to learn?
Supressing all your emotions
you wont be Julia anymore...

Tamal and Julia~

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